China holds over one trillion dollars, and Japan almost one trillion, in dollar-denominated assets.

Other countries have lesser but still substantial amounts. As the US dollar is the reserve currency, the entire world’s investment portfolio is over-wei


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Search the web for DRM-free music, podcasts, speeches and much more.


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Songza lets you listen to any song or band. Search for it:

The Refocus-it GIMP plug-in, released under GNU General Public License (GPL), can be used to refocus images acquired by a defocused camera, blurred by gaussian or motion blur or any combination of these.


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Don't just bookmark! Highlight the web! Add sticky notes too!

We felt that by building a computer in an aquarium using clear mineral oil, that we would be able to accomplish a much more attractive result, with less work. We were happy with the results!

This is the start of a new series, collection of the most inspiring & hard-to-find retro-futuristic graphics. We will try to stay away from the well-known American pulp & book cover illustrations and instead will focus on the artwork from rather unlikely sources: Soviet & Eastern Bloc "popular tech & science" magazines, German, Italian, British fantastic illustrations and promotional literature - all from the Golden Age of Retro-Future (from 1930s to 1970s).


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Shared whiteboard with letter fridge magnets.

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