An installation and configuration guide to mlmmj. This guide includes howtos for the tunables, and also information on how to make mlmmj play nice with different mail servers.

When a user types in the web address of a contact, such as, the contact information is located directly within the DNS database, meaning no redirection is necessary. Results come back instantly and are universally accessible to internet-connected devices, with no web browser needed.

Fradar är en ”plug-in”, ett slags tilläggsprogram till webbläsaren. Den analyserar hela tiden trafikmönstret, och rapporterar om anslutningen är nationell hela vägen, och därmed säker, eller om den passerar utländska servrar eller routrar längs vägen, och därmed är avlyssningsbar av FRA.

In this article, we describe how to use BlazeDS Remoting to seamlessly integrate the two technologies and build state-of-the-art internet applications made of a Flex front-end and a Spring back-end.

This Baracoda CompactFlash card eliminates proprietary cables and allows mobile users to connect to mobile computing devices wirelessly and effortlessly.

AmbiCom's Air2Net Wireless CompactFlash Card (with free PC Card Adapter) brings wireless functionality to laptops and portable WinCE devices and is designed to use with your Personal Area Network (PAN).

It is designed to allow you to run a fixed set of commands remotely, without giving everyone else access to the same commands. It is designed to do exactly and only what is necessary for this, and no more.

I couldn't find any Ubuntu-specific info for getting one time passwords to work using OPIE. Turns out there is a needed option in sshd_config. Here are my notes that got me working on Dapper:

Paranoid Linux is an operating system that assumes that its operator is under assault from the government, and it does everything it can to keep your communications and documents a secret.

SixXS (Six Access) is a free, non-profit, non-cost service for Local Internet Registries (LIR's) and endusers.

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