This article will cover how to create LVM partitions and how-to generate your partitions from this LVM volume.

If the HDDis totally blank without any partitions, the SL-C3100 won't boot up.And this is how a SL-C3100 HDD partition table should look like:

Google has extensive information how to use Google Talk but no info for kopete users like me. This is a step by step description, how to configure kopete.

So you have installed another ROM on your Zaurus such as Cacko, pdaXrom or OpenZaurus, and wish to return to the original Sharp ROM or restore a Fig Labs Full English backup? Don't worry, just follow these steps carefully and you'll be back up and running

The grid system we are going to design is a simple symmetrical grid based on a continuous division of the paper size in the ratio 1:1.414.

This document describes API differences between the Macromedia Flash Communication Server / Flash Media Server 2 and Red5. It aims at helping migrate existing applications to Red5.

Although not quite as capable as their military counterparts -- your creations will likely be dealing with sleeping cats rather than armed terrorists -- these bots can deliver some impressive results.

I have checked every single of these configurations with Ethereal to ensure that the traffic is really anonymized. However, if you are paranoid, you shouldn't trust me, but rather test this stuff for yourself!

Ordinarily, running a CJK application in Wine results in lots of garbled text. On a good day, you will get empty boxes. On a bad day, it looks like the ASCII table exploded. No more. I put together a little shell script called WineLocale (after Microsoft'

For the complete novice, sharing on BitTorrent doesn’t come any easier than this.

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