Production Manager/Brewer for MadTree, and friend of the blog, Matt Rowe recently started a Twitter hashtag #SoYouWannaBeABrewer. I’ve dug this since the first one and they’ve only gotten better with time. Matt is providing us with insight into the boring doldrums, disgusting grime, and exciting joy of being a craft brewer. I’ll shut up now and let Matt and his tweets take it from here.

Trying some Japanese craft beer: Suiyoubi no neko, a "Belgian-style white beer."

Yakiniku for lunch today. In Japan, yakiniku is raw meat that you fry/barbecue yourself at the table. If you’ve had “yakiniku” in a restaurant in the West (certainly in Sweden), it was probably a completely different dish. Why do they confuse people like that? Beats me.

Home away from home, in a way. (at スウェーデン大使館)

Looking for some new material to add to your science fiction reading list? Below are 32 books that have pushed the boundaries of the genre, inspired generations of thinkers and in some cases have even predicted key aspects of societies development.

The view from our hotel room is acceptable. (at 東急stay西新宿)

In my series, “Unexpected Sushi Toppings,” this week I bring you: pork sushi. Good stuff. And no, it’s not raw. (at Seibu-Shinjuku Station)

SSL certificates are signed using a one-way hash — usually SHA-1.

Which is too bad, because SHA-1 is becoming dangerously weak. It's time to upgrade to SHA-2.

I’m building a toy HTML rendering engine, and I think you should too. This is the first in a series of articles.

We invite you to explore the world's largest archive of wildlife sounds and videos.

Our mission: to collect, preserve, and facilitate the use of wildlife recordings for science, education, conservation, and the arts.

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