Having a burger for breakfast because why not. (at コメダ珈琲店 栃木店)

at 黒部峡谷 / Kurobe Gorge

Dinner. (at 宇奈月グランドホテル)

The god of things as they ought to be.

Ah, the immensely-useful-but-mismanaged @Delicious website works again. Welcome back! Android app still broken, though...

While we in the west bicker about whether to go at all, China just appointed their first ambassador to Mars. https://t.co/puaVMvl44P

One of the best things about the world is that it has so much room for improvement.

My podcast queue has run dry. Send help.

#Stockholm #sunset #nofilter (at Riksbron)

at Kronobergsparken

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