Who do you think you are to make demands?! I’m the client, I get to make the demands! It’s not like this is a real job anyway, all you’re doing is drawing.

I pinged a few of my freelancer friends and asked them if they thought independent consulting was dead or if they agreed with the ICCA’s moribund description of the industry. While none of them thought it was “dead”, we all seem to agree that the situation isn’t very healthy either. Independents will need more and better ways to distinguish themselves and with unique services if they are to survive. And even if the economy does “come back”, we all agree that the good ‘ol days are long gone for the independent consultant, as a species.

Madeo arbetar med att effektivisera organisationers konsultinköp. Våra tjänster konsoliderar och kostnadsreducerar - upphandlingen, hanteringen och leveransen av konsulter.

Ditt jobb handlar huvudsakligen om att programmera efter andras skisser men också i viss mån att själv designa sidor.

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Freelancers are in a great position in that they have the freedom to work when they want to and they have the choice to take a vacation whenever they are in the mood. With that said, some freelancers are anxious to work day in and day out which may presen

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Getting paid by the hour is pretty neat, but it’s even better when you have income that comes in when you’re taking time off too! Freelancers are uniquely positioned to be able to spend time creating sources of passive income while still getting their

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