幽霊って見たことある?? それが吉祥寺に出るんだよ!

うまい酒 が飲めて『おいしい串揚げ』 や 『おもしろメニュー』 を頂きながらかわいい幽霊が見れるんだ。話の種に1度来てみなよ!!


"Ghost Izakaya" in Kichijōji, Tokyo.

Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant in the world, but few use it to maximal advantage. Get optimally wired with these tips.

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Discover the mysteries of mead, also known as honey wine, the oldest -- and easiest to make! -- fermented drink in the world!

Did our Neolithic ancestors turn to agriculture so that they could be sure of a tipple? US Archaeologist Patrick McGovern thinks so. The expert on identifying traces of alcohol in prehistoric sites reckons the thirst for a brew was enough of an incentive to start growing crops.

Even moderate amounts of the stimulant can lead people to hear voices and see things that are not there, the researchers warn.

Previous studies have shown that too much caffeine can lead to heart palpitations, insomnia and even affect a woman's chances of becoming pregnant.

A team of researchers at Rice University in Houston is working to create a beer that could fight cancer and heart disease. Taylor Stevenson, a member of the six-student research team and a junior at Rice, said the team is using genetic engineering to create a beer that includes resveratrol, the disease-fighting chemical that's been found in red wine.

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