at 東京スカイツリー / Tokyo Skytree

at Tochigi, Tochigi

Sushi for lunch today. (at はま寿司栃木駅前店)

Hope you’re not sick of my #sakura photos yet because I’m not. (at Koganei Park)

I had no idea this 18th-century farmhouse in Kodaira was open to the public but I really loved it. (at 小平ふるさと村)

#sakura (at Ueno Park)

#nofilter #sakura (at Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

The little sign said no photography but the priest said go ahead so I did. (at Tochigi, Tochigi)

One week ago today. (at Le Brévent)

After all, there are 100-mile impact craters on our planet’s surface from the last billion years, but no 600-mile craters. But, of course, there couldn’t be scars this big. On worlds where such craters exist, there is no one around afterward to ponder them.

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