We'll call the "Kevin Bacon number" from one article to another the "distance" between them. It's then possible to work out the "closeness" of an article in Wikipedia as its average distance to any other article.



www.eudict.com/, posted 2008 by peter in language reference

EUdict (European dictionary) is collection of several online dictionaries for languages spoken in European Community or in countries that will become members of European Community.

The research has revealed five hotspots where languages are vanishing most rapidly: eastern Siberia, northern Australia, central South America, Oklahoma, and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

A (very small) dictionary of Swedish slang, seemingly compiled by someone obsessed with reproduction and scatology. Also has a few links to slang dictionaries for other languages.

Carly began opening up, describing what it was like to have autism and why she makes odd noises or why she hits herself.

Ordinarily, running a CJK application in Wine results in lots of garbled text. On a good day, you will get empty boxes. On a bad day, it looks like the ASCII table exploded. No more. I put together a little shell script called WineLocale (after Microsoft'

Ord.gurka.se är ett script som analyserar ord genom att hitta rim och allitterationer. De rim och allitterationer som hittas är helt unika, för ordlistan som används är indexet från svenska Wikipedia. Detta betyder att det finns väldigt annorlunda

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