As a game for katagi (yakuza slang for "civilians" or "non-yakuza"), it's tremendous fun — but what do the yakuza think of this game? How do they rate it? I was able to get three reviewers from the major crime groups who do not want to be identified by their real name. (While yakuza fan magazines do exist and the yakuza are not a hidden part of Japanese society, due to recent crackdowns by the police, the "reviewers" here choose to remain anonymous.) Midoriyama is a now-retired former mid-level faction boss. Shirokawa is a high-ranking boss from a different group connected to Midoriyama through a ritual sake exchange. Kuroishi knows them both but is also from a different group.

I almost never play computer games, but the screenshots of gameplay in Kabukichô make me want this one...

Here are a few manner posters that appeared in the Tokyo subways between 1976 and 1982.

I had been looking forward to The Lockup in Shibuya ever since arriving to Tokyo as I kept hearing how very weird it was. At another location (there are several Lockups throughout Tokyo), apparently you and your party get placed into a darkened room and if you find the secret opening, then you make it into the restaurant. I had no idea what to expect so when we see the sign indicating we are to go to Basement 2, we follow, hesitating. The entrance looms and there is a genuinely spooky atmosphere given by the extremely dark and winding hallways, cold rush of air and cackling and screaming sounds around us. We inch around the corner slowly, as to not to fall (it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen and this would never happen in a litigious country like America or even Australia) and what happens next frightens the hell out of me, a man strapped to an electric chair, Clive Barker from Hellraiser sans pins, rocks back and forth screaming with lights flashing.


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店内は戦›時代の忍者‹敷を模した‹室が迷宮のように複›に配置され、滝や池があり、風の音、すず虫やコオロギなどの鳴き声が流れています。そんな環境の中で和食をベースにしたヘルシーな創作料理をお楽しみいただけます。また忍者がお客様のお部‹を›り忍術(テーブルマジック)をご披露いたします。 ヘルシーな料理と驚きのプレゼンテーション、エンターティメントにあふれたレストランです。

Allegedly awesome, but pricey, ninja-themed restaurant in Akasaka, Tokyo.

幽霊って‹たことあ‹?? それが吉祥寺に出‹んだよ!    うまい酒 が飲めて『おいしい串揚げ』 や 『おもしろメ‹ュー』 を頂きながら‹わいい幽霊が‹れ‹んだ。話の種に1度来てみなよ!!   店内の怪しい››気にきっと満足していただけ‹と思います。

"Ghost Izakaya" in Kichijōji, Tokyo.

“Shaking Tokyo” is about an agoraphobic man, called hikikomori in Japanese. He sustains himself on pizza, living off of money left to him by his father. One day, he does the unthinkable: he makes eye contact with a pretty delivery girl — the first eyes he’s set upon in 10 years. At this moment, the earthquake occurs.

Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways announced this morning that it will be the first airline ever to offer beer on tap during flights. The kegs are going to be installed and running on domestic flights -- mostly to and from the island chain of Okinawa -- from July 20.

At ¥800-1,000, the prices are comprable to what you'd expect in most Tokyo bars. According to Japan Probe, the service has previously been problematic to install due to air pressure issues. Nevertheless, only 20 cups worth will be available on all but the Tokyo-Okinawa service, so get your orders in shortly after take-off!

[...] enjoy our wonderful food and deserts, sit back and enjoy the great music, and check out the works by soon-to-be stars of the Tokyo art scene in our gallery space. Take advantage of our free WiFi [...] or check the Internet with one of our computers.

List of wi-fi access points in Tokyo.

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