@froderik I like it that my Twitter client asked me if I wanted to translate your tweet from Romanian.

Some people complain that Perl has ugly syntax. I'm guessing these people haven't seen the JBoss CLI language. https://t.co/1iSEzVdndc

@nana_nikons また来てね!

Clouds. (at Norrbro)

at Modern Art Museum, Stockholm

Later that evening… #Stockholm #nofilter (at Champagnebaren Södra Teatern)

#Stockholm #nofilter (at Champagnebaren Södra Teatern)

@skeptoid takes on the "moon hoax" conspiracy theorists in a three-part series. This is gonna be good. https://t.co/WAmd2P1XD2

My son (4yo) and I have started using a kanban board to plan our weekends. Works great.


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