Want fries with that? (at Restaurang Baronen)

Keywhiz makes managing secrets easier and more secure. Keywhiz servers in a cluster centrally store secrets encrypted in a database. Clients use mutually authenticated TLS (mTLS) to retrieve secrets they have access to. Authenticated users administer Keywhiz via CLI or web app UI. To enable workflows, Keywhiz has automation APIs over mTLS and support for simple secret generation plugins.


wastholm.tumblr.com/post/117176982432, posted 23 Apr by peter


wastholm.tumblr.com/post/117175162377, posted 23 Apr by peter

These experiences will help you understand who the Japanese people are, and why they act the way they do. Get ready to move from tourist to cultural expert after the jump!

I've done about half of these so I guess I'm about half-way between "tourist" and "cultural expert".

Want to ask for vacation? File a Github pull request. Delightfully geeky internal routines at my current client.

Today's word: pabulum (n.) bland nourishment, insipid "food for thought". http://t.co/O9XlG0BKrQ

Good morning!

Knepigt det här med rättstavning i mobilen. Jag SMS:ade just frugan att sonen ätit "dödskalle" till lunch. Menade "fläskkarré".

In an expertly designed data visualization, the Times guided us through its own version of events, which boils down to: Hamas started it, and Israel responded in self-defense. Data from the last three flare-ups is included in the same way, gently suggesting to readers that this is a pattern.

What follows is a breakdown of some ways that design can be misused to tell a biased story.

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