DPI technology raises privacy concerns because it can involve the inspection of information sent from one end user to another.

Can you believe that in nearly four years of Paranoid Penguin columns, I've never talked about how to configure FTP services? This month I fix that, using my new favorite FTP server, Chris Evans' excellent vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Dæmon). Because my space here is limited and the best use of FTP is anonymous FTP, we focus on anonymous FTP. The FTP protocol's use of clear-text authentication makes it a terrible choice for anything but anonymous file transfer. But anonymous FTP is still plenty useful.

And that's how to detect the attack. If EA is infected with the robust form of the attack, then X and Y will be functionally different. And if X and Y are functionally different, then V and W will be bitwise different. So all you have to do is to run a binary compare between V and W; if they're different, then EA is infected.

This guide describes how to create encrypted directories. These can come in handy for laptop users, password lists and the like.

Matt Knox, a talented Ruby instructor and coder, talks about his early days designing and writing adware for Direct Revenue. (Direct Revenue was sued by Eliot Spitzer in 2006 for allegedly surreptitiously installing adware on millions of computers.)

ASCII art is nothing new, but this takes it one step further by allowing you to embed another data file within the image!

The resulting ASCII art remains printable (i.e. no special unicode symbol) - this means you can print the image out, hang it on your wall, and have it look like an innocent ASCII art when it's hiding a secret document of your choice.

The following examples show how to use the mysql client program to set up new users.

Home Office has quietly adopted a new plan to allow police across Britain routinely to hack into people’s personal computers without a warrant.

Here are snippets from my Flex code, and my Acegi configuration. If you notice, what we did, was set up Acegi, so it's successful and unsucessful authentication url's point to XML documents that contains the result of the login.

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