#stockholm #nofilter (at Stockholm City Hall)

at Totemo Ramen

@ssamdek Right, sorry. Fixed.

@ssamdek Well, what do you know, it looks like I do. DM me an email address and I'll see what I can do.

Found an invite to Gab.ai in my spam folder so I had a look. Conspiracy theorists on Twitter not crazy enough for you? Gab is for you!


at Kungsträdgården

at Stockholm City Hall

This is part one of a short series of posts on writing a simple raytracer in Rust. I’ve never written one of these before, so it should be a learning experience all around.

It’s a situation many of us are familiar with: a large legacy, monolithic application, limited or no tests, slow & manual release process, low velocity, no confidence… A lot of refactoring is required but management keeps pushing for new features. Now what? We talked to Michiel Rook, a Java/PHP/Scala contractor and consultant about the challenges that walk hand in hand with continuous deployment.

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