The goal of this project is to create a universal database of disallowed usernames for web applications. This repository contains a list of keywords that should be banned/disallowed to prevent users from registering with, on your software projects and apps to prevent impersonation and phishing on your platform.

Geb is a browser automation solution.

It brings together the power of WebDriver, the elegance of jQuery content selection, the robustness of Page Object modelling and the expressiveness of the Groovy language.

It can be used for scripting, scraping and general automation — or equally as a functional/web/acceptance testing solution via integration with testing frameworks such as Spock, JUnit & TestNG.

The Framework for Internal Navigation and Discovery (FIND) is like indoor GPS for your house or business, using only a simple smartphone or laptop.

at 東京スカイツリー / Tokyo Skytree

at Tochigi, Tochigi

Sushi for lunch today. (at はま寿司栃木駅前店)

Hope you’re not sick of my #sakura photos yet because I’m not. (at Koganei Park)

I had no idea this 18th-century farmhouse in Kodaira was open to the public but I really loved it. (at 小平ふるさと村)

#sakura (at Ueno Park)

#nofilter #sakura (at Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

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