The Row-bot has four tiny buoyant stabilizers for feet and two paddles that extend from the middle of its body. While the feet keep Row-bot afloat, the paddles send it skimming across the surface of a body of water. The device takes water into a cavity in its housing as it moves, where electrogenic bacteria digest pollutants found within the water. The byproducts of that digestion are carbon dioxide and electricity, which in turn fuels the Row-bot and keeps it moving.

On check in you have the options of speaking to either a humanoid robot or a dinosaur wearing a bow tie! The humanoid robot has been designed to mimic a human being as well as possible. This receptionist blinks, appears to breath and can even make eye contact. Sadly, however, these robots cannot hold a conversation and so to check in you can use the touchscreens to the side of the front desk. Your bags are then taken by a robot too and for left luggage a large robot arm will pick it up and place it in a locker for you.

LAWICEL är en av Sveriges ledande leverantörer när det gäller inbyggda system, elektronik, byggsatser, robot tillbehör, trådlös kommunikation såsom ZigBee, bluetooth, WiFi och mycket mer. Är ni ny kund, så läs gärna Så handlar du och Köpvillkor innan ni handlar, där framgår det hur vår webshop fungerar, vilka fraktkostnader vi har och mycket mer.

Equipped with a Go Pro camera to record it’s surroundings and a first person view (FPV) camera and transmitter sending back live video images to its pilot the Lego quadrocopter is an advanced machine. It is kept on an even keel and able to navigate waypoints via GPS thanks to an APM 2.5 autopilot from 3DR.

IDG-tidningen ”PC för Alla” har testat sex olika robotdammsugare. Allt ifrån enklare, billiga modeller från en tusenlapp till mer avancerade med ett pris på över 5.000 kronor.

Testets vinnare blev den dyraste modellen, Neato XV-25 (en förbättrad version av Neato XV-15), som även är den enda med 360 graders laserskanner som kartlägger rummet. Enligt ”PC för Alla” är det också den modell som har bäst sugförmåga.

Man konstaterar också att robotdammsugarna ännu inte är redo att ersätta den vanliga dammsugaren. Ett optimalt hem för en robotdammsugare har stora öppna ytor, är sparsamt möblerat, har inga sladdar eller mattor på golvet och eventuella trösklar bör vara låga.

This African gray parrot named Pepper can not fly, since his wings are clipped. But he can drive a little buggy designed by his owner, Andrew Gray, an electrical and computer engineering graduate student at the University of Florida. So that pretty much makes Pepper the Mario Andretti of birds.

Here's a video showing how the buggy works. Looks like fun! And the song is fun until (spoiler alert) the robot gains sentience. Anyway, enjoy!

I finally received my Makerbot Replicator (makerbot.com) and I am VERY impressed. After printing a handful of objects off of Thingiverse and dialing in my printer I promptly began work on my version of 3D printed quadcopter.

Wow, yet another reason to want a 3D printer...

Targeting cinematographers, journalists, scientists and hobbyists, the eye3 isn’t just a toy but packs enough power to hoist weighty (and expensive) 35mm dSLR cameras or even 16mm motion picture cameras with mounts. It has a durable, high precision carbon and glass fiber frame that weighs just half a kilogram. It uses the popular APM2 open source autopilot platform. Each of the six rotors is powered by a 350-watt motor. The six rotor design is a safety measure: two rotors can fail and the copter will still be brought back safely.

Five knee-high androids have crossed the starting line in the world's first marathon for two-legged robots.

The contest is being held in the Japanese city of Osaka.

The contestants are expected to take four days to complete the course, which involves 423 laps of an indoor track.

Operators are allowed to change the robots' batteries and motors but if the machines fall over they must get up by themselves.


Organisers say they expect the race to be won not by the fastest robot but by the one that can withstand the most wear and tear.

OpenPilot is a next generation Free Software autopilot for small UAVs, including multi-rotor craft, helicopters as well as fixed wing aircraft. It aims to implement the best features of all current enthusiast autopilot systems and combines them into a simple easy to use package. Simplicity does not come with any compromises either, with no hard-coded settings, a complete flight plan scripting language and other next-generation features, OpenPilot is planned to be an extremely capable UAV platform.

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