As Japan sizzles under its hottest summer since record-keeping began in 1880, event organisers around the country are having to come up with creative solutions to entice people outdoors and away from the comfort of their air-conditioned homes this year.

One event which might be able to do just that is Tokyo’s new Bathtub Cinema, the first of its kind in Japan, which is set to pop up at MAG’s Park on the rooftop of the revamped MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 building that overlooks the world-famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

If your favourite foods include ants, beetles and cockroaches, this one's for you. Returning for its fourth edition, the Tokyo Mushikui Festival ('mushikui', for the benefit of the uninitiated, literally translates as 'insect eating') offers a forum for the capital's small community of bug munchers. Shoichi Uchiyama, Japan's foremost expert in the world of creepy-crawly cuisine, will be on hand to judge a selection of dishes prepared by budding insect chefs, while popular bug blogger Mereco Mereyama is also due to make an appearance.

Five knee-high androids have crossed the starting line in the world's first marathon for two-legged robots.

The contest is being held in the Japanese city of Osaka.

The contestants are expected to take four days to complete the course, which involves 423 laps of an indoor track.

Operators are allowed to change the robots' batteries and motors but if the machines fall over they must get up by themselves.


Organisers say they expect the race to be won not by the fastest robot but by the one that can withstand the most wear and tear.

CinemAfrica Filmfestival slår upp portarna i Stockholm 24-28 februari. Måndagen den 18 januari börjar biljettförsäljningen! Pinfärska program finns att hämta på festivalbiograferna Sture, Zita, Bio Rio och Klarabiografen i Kulturhuset.

CinemAfrica Filmfestival bjuder på de bästa och senaste filmerna från den afrikanska kontinenten och diasporan. 2010 års program innehåller 28 filmer från 12 länder.

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