It's great to see Africa starting to explore the benefits of open source not only as a way of rolling out software more cheaply than would be the case for proprietary programs, whose Western pricing makes them particularly costly for emerging nations, but also as an effective means of building up a vibrant indigenous software industry that is not based simply on shovelling lots of money to the US.

However, it's sad to see that Microsoft seems to have learned nothing from its earlier, unsuccessful attempts to spread FUD about open source, and seems intent on recapitulating that shabby and rather pathetic history in Africa too.

Ett gyllene tillfälle att träna stridspiloter och att säkra tillgång på olja. Det är skälen till varför flera länder nu anfaller mål i Libyen, inte för att stoppa folkets lidande. Det säger Mellanösternexperten Abdulhadi Khalaf till

This map has been created by compiling reports from trusted accounts on Twitter. Nonetheless, these reports are in general unconfirmed. This information should be considered in the context of there being absolutely no independent media in Libya at this time. This map is not automatically produced. Each posting is considered before it is mapped. These considerations have evolved over time as conditions on the ground have changed. If you have any questions you can contact me via Twitter @Arasmus.

The proposed solution to stem the flow of blood diamonds was the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. The Process set forth the rules that all diamonds mined and sold must be certified as "conflict free." It set up the World Diamond Council to look after the Certification Process. The WDC consisted of the major diamond-producing companies and gave them regulatory authority through the United Nations. In other words, the WDC is nothing but a cartel in disguise.

With start in september 2010 we will drive our two Land Rover Defenders from Stockholm to Capetown. We are two families. 4 adults, 4 children and 2 cars that travels together.

The trip will take us through 3 continents and roughly 20 countries during 8-9 months. With this site we want to share our experiences of traveling with children beyond the beaten track and to inspire the reader to plan and do their own, both small and big, expeditions.

These guys are friends of mine. I think they're crazy. But cool. But crazy.

CinemAfrica Filmfestival slår upp portarna i Stockholm 24-28 februari. Måndagen den 18 januari börjar biljettförsäljningen! Pinfärska program finns att hämta på festivalbiograferna Sture, Zita, Bio Rio och Klarabiografen i Kulturhuset.

CinemAfrica Filmfestival bjuder på de bästa och senaste filmerna från den afrikanska kontinenten och diasporan. 2010 års program innehåller 28 filmer från 12 länder.

Travellers from all over the world now make The Giraffe Manor part of their East African safari, the only place in the world where you can enjoy the breathtaking experience of feeding and photographing the giraffe over the breakfast table and at the front door.

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