We opened homepage titled "Friend" with an aim to achieve a common progress of humankind and contribute to promoting mutual understanding and cooperation under the ideals of independence, peace and friendship.

A fascinating mix of friendly greetings, celebratory "news" and harsh propaganda from North Korea.

With fish darting amongst them in a blue lagoon, the Maldivian president and his top team have staged an elaborate stunt to publicise climate change.


While officials said the event itself was light-hearted, the idea is to focus on the plight of the Maldives, where rising sea levels threaten to make the nation uninhabitable by the end of the century.

TV Tokyo visited Gome, a major retail chain in China, where CBHD discs and players were flying off the shelf, while Blu-Ray players and discs languished. They also visited a factory for one of the largest CBHD manufacturers. Sources in these companies tell TV Tokyo that, in the China market, CBHD already constitutes some 30 percent of all disc players sold, while Blu-Ray accounts for 10 percent, similar to its penetration in the USA. DVD is responsible for the remaining 60 percent.

A young college graduate misses a bus to a job interview - the film examines the possible outcomes had he caught the bus.

Primarily, the story revolves around a research scientist who loses a biological weapon of mass destruction in the United States of America. The weapon is also sought by an ex-CIA officer for his own use. Thus begins a cat and mouse chase throughout several countries, as the scientist and the ex-CIA officer vie for the possession of the weapon. The proceedings are affected by several characters and their issues which disrupt the weapon from going to the hands of the ex-CIA officer. The story occurs within a week building up to the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.

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