The Wall Street Journal published a misleading article by Dennis Nishi called “Early Transition to Blog Pro,” about BoingBoing’s Mark Frauenfelder. It has two major problems: it implies that many more people make money solely from blogging than actually do, as though one can make a quick career of blogging (”How You Can Get There, Too”) and it doesn’t discuss how people actually use their blogs to make money, which is by selling ancillary services.

Come join us in this ever-expanding collective worldbuilding effort. Within the vast universe that is Orion's Arm you will find:

* Hard Science

* Plausible Technology

* Realistic Cultural Development

* A vast Setting

* 10,000+ years of historical development

* Realistic Exobiology

Lulu gives you all sorts of ways to sell your fabulous new creation to the whole wide world - you set your own price, we print and ship each item as it's ordered, and you collect 80% of the creator revenue on every sale.

We aren’t going to discuss the implementation details (e.g. where the search box should be placed) as it has already been done in a number of articles; instead we focus on the main principles, heuristics and approaches for effective web design — appro

Ord.gurka.se är ett script som analyserar ord genom att hitta rim och allitterationer. De rim och allitterationer som hittas är helt unika, för ordlistan som används är indexet från svenska Wikipedia. Detta betyder att det finns väldigt annorlunda

This site is intended for the storywriters out there. It started when two friends of mine had a good idea about a beginning of a story, but couldn´t think of good enough follow-up or even of an ending. So thanks to the Open Source philosophy we thought:

Welcome to Flogalicious, a directory for fictional blogs ("flogs"). Blog fiction is a new(ish) and unique way for writers to get their words out there and read by the public. It's a different (and easier) way to get your work published and open to a very

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